Dream Clean Orlando

Orlando Tile and Grout Cleaning

Carpet isn’t the only area of the home that requires cleaning and maintenance.  Tile and grout can buildup mildew and dirt, looking awful in a short period of time with periodic cleanings.  Our professional grade equipment can bring your old tile and grout back to life and looking amazing again.

We first begin by applying a unique pre-treatment to your tile and grout. The pre-treatment is allowed to sit for a few minutes as it activates and loosens the dirt, grease, staining, etc. Once this process has reached it peak our technician will the begin using our powerful truck mounted machines, utilizing steam, other special cleaning agents and powerful spinning brushes to clean the tile and grout. Our machines extract all water, cleaning agent and dirt and the process is repeated until optimal results are achieved. Any area that cannot be reached by the machine (baseboards, etc.) will be cleaned manually.

Once optimal cleaning results are achieved we will speed dry the surface and then inspect carefully for any remaining dirt, stains or untreated areas along with you. Once we are both satisfied we then apply a tile and grout sealer that will create a lasting protective barrier from future dirt and staining. This final sealer is optional but also highly recommended for most lasting results.

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